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WHAT YOU WILL GET When you purchase

The Roadmap Course

Key fundamentals to the business of digital marketing? This is a great introduction, especially for beginners, on how to begin a business in digital marketing.

When you purchase The Roadmap, you get immediate access to 3.0 and all future releases!

This course teaches you everything you know about branding yourself or your business and how to build a successful sales funnel that will convert your targeted customer.

You will learn how to create an effective email marketing campaign that will not only engage subscribers, but convert them. You will learn how to design your email, personalize it, automate it and check your analytics for effectiveness!

You will learn how to develop and implement a strong branding strategy! You will learn how to pinpoint and develop your own personal brand and build a strong reputation. You will learn how to effectively communicate this brand across many channels!


You will be introduced to a range of tools that will help you simply and effectively run your business.

You will learn how to effectively market your business or product across many social media outlets. You will learn how to define your target audience (or niche) and create content that speaks to them!

You will learn how to leverage different social media platforms to market your business! You will learn how to create engaging content for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube. You will learn how to build a following, have increased engagement and drive traffic to your site.

You will have lifetime access to a free community where students can connect with each other and instructors. You can ask questions, celebrate wins, and brainstorm!

This course also has additional training added to help you! There has been a module added for Instagram and for affiliate marketing!

What are Master Resell Rights?

Watch this video from the original course creator, Hannah to understand exactly what Master Resell rights are

Who is The Roadmap 3.0 for?

-A beginner who has no experience in the digital marketing or MRR world
-A person who wants to learn the technical side of setting up their online business
-A person that wants to grow & scale their digital marketing business

How does it work?
This course includes over 330 lesson videos (continually updated for free) and teaches a variety of digital marketing techniques. You will learn how to build funnels, how to set up email campaigns, automating your business, how to effectively use social media to promote your products, and soooooo much more. You will also be given step by step training on how to resell this product as your own for 100% profits!

Why are Master Resell Rights AMAZING?

Introduction to Roadmap 3.0
Community Benefits
Module 1: Introduction to Digital Entrepreneurialism
Module 2: Understanding your Niche
Module 3: Building a Solid Business Base
Module 4: Tailoring a Business to your Vision
Module 5: Branding Essentials

Module 6: Introduction to Business Automation
Module 7: OPTION 1 – Stan Store
Module 8: OPTION 2 – (Build your Own)
Module 9: OPTION 3 – (Pre-Built)
Module 10: Email Marketing Mastery
Module 11: Email Marketing with Stan Store
Module 12: Email Marketing with

Module 13: Sales Strategies & Content Creation
Module 14: TikTok
Module 15: Facebook
Module 16: Instagram
Module 17: YouTube
Module 18: Pinterest
Module 19: LinkedIn
Module 20: Blogging
Module 21: Video Editing with CapCut
Module 22: Affiliate Marketing

Module 23: From Idea to Market Ready Product
Module 24: Creatives with Canva
Module 25: How to Build a Written Digital Product
Module 26: How to Build a Video Based Digital Product
Module 27: How to Host your Course on Skool
Module 28: How to Host your Course on Kajabi

Module 29: Organization and Importance of Customer Lifetime Value
Module 30: The Downloads

This course is designed with the beginner in mind but is more easily digestible for a person who has some knowledge in the online realm or has started a business of any kind before. This course is designed to take your business knowledge to the next level. If you are looking for practical ways to grow your business and learn more of the technical skills involved in business, this course is perfect for you! If you are ready to learn funnels & automating your business this course will get you started on your social selling journey. It’s beginner friendly but I learn towards marketing it as an intermediate course because there is a TON of information inside and can take a little longer to get through.

FAQ Site

1-1 Tech Support

Personalized Invite Link

Personalized Link Login

The Roadmap Community


Introduction to Roadmap 3.0

Welcome to the Roadmap 3.0

The Deeper Meaning Behind the Roadmap Family

What is Master Resell Rights

How to Navigate the Course

How to Navigate the Community

Goals for the Roadmap

Community Benefits

Roadmap Made Content

Exclusive Branding Offer

The Roadmap Companion

Additional Resources

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Entrepreneurialism

Introduction to Digital Entrepreneurialism

Digital vs. Traditional Marketing

The Current Digital Marketing World

Digital Marketing Opportunities

Module 2: Understanding your Niche

What is a Niche?

The Argument

How to Combine the Two

Phase 1 – Underlying Niche

Phase 2 – Experimental

Phase 3 – Become the Niche

When to Pivot

Final Message

Module 3: Building a Solid Business Base

The Essence of Business Foundations

Crafting a Mission and Vision Statement

Core Values and Ethics

Business Goals and Objectives

Understanding Business Models

Business Legal Structure Basics

Module 4: Tailoring a Business to your Vision

Brainstorming and Evaluating your Business Ideas

Documenting Your Ideas

Research Market Growth Rate

Analyze Market Growth Rate

Research the Margins of Each Opportunity

Market Opportunities

Business Idea Refinement

Analyze the Investment Costs

Mission and Vision Alignment

Finalize your Idea

Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

Module 5: Branding Essentials

Branding Introduction

Branding Plan: Part One

Branding Plan: Part Two

How to Develop a Target Market

How to Develop a Buyer Persona

How to go Deeper than a Logo

Colors in Branding

Coolors Tool

Pick Your Business Name

Crafting your Brand Voice

Effective Branding Phases


Module 6: Introduction to Business Automation

Introduction to Automation

What is a Funnel?

Choosing your System

Streamlining Operations

Implement Systems

Automation Best Practices

Module 7: OPTION 1 – Stan Store

Introduction to Stan Store

Setting Up Your Account

Product Walkthrough

Adding a Digital Product

Adding External Links

Customizing Your Stan Store

Creating Funnel in Stan Store

Additional Features

Getting Your Invite Link for The Roadmap

Selling The Roadmap Directly on Stan Store

Module 8: OPTION 2 – (Build your Own)

Introduction to

How to Setup your Free Account

How to Optimize your Account

How to Edit your Squeeze Page

How to Edit your Information/Sales Page

How to Edit your Course Descriptions on your Info Page

How to Edit your Order Page

How to get your Personalized Invite Link for the Roadmap

How to Edit your Thank you Page

Let’s Take a Break to Get Your Domain

How to Buy a Domain on SquareSpace

Connecting Your Domain to

Check your DNS Settings

How to Assign your Domain to your Funnel

Let’s Connect Your Payment Processors

How to Setup Your Business PayPal Account

How to Setup Your Stripe Account & Payment Plans

How to Connect Paypal to your Account

How to Connect Stripe to your Account

Connect Payment Methods to your Order Page

How to Load in your Legal Documents

How to Test your Funnel

How to Edit Your URL Slugs

How to Fix the 404 Error Page (ONLY IF NEEDED)

How to Fix your SEO (ONLY IF NEEDED)

Link in Bio Option with (How to Sell Multiple Products)

Become a Affiliate

Module 9: OPTION 3 – (Pre-Built)

Opening a Account

Uploading Pre-Built Funnel

How To Update Welcome/Squeeze Page

How to Update the Sales Page

How to Update the Order Page

How to Create Stripe Account & Update Afterpay, Klarna

How to Create & Connect Your Paypal Account with

How to Update the Thank You Page

How to Update the Contact Page

How to Update the Privacy Policy Page

How to Update the License Agreement

How to Update the Income Disclosure Page

How to Search Engine Optimize Your Pages

How to Test Your Funnel

Module 10: Email Marketing Mastery

Email Marketing Essentials

Building a Subscriber Base

Crafting Impactful Emails

Email Design Best Practices

Advanced Email Techniques

Compliance in Email Marketing

Automate to Elevate

Segmenting Email Audience

Module 11: OPTION 1 – Email Marketing with Stan Store

Understanding Emails with Stan

Collecting Emails Through Stan Store

Setting Up Email Flows with Stan

Sending an Email Broadcast with Stan

Editing Your Product Thank You Emails in Stan

Module 12: OPTION 2 – Email Marketing with

Getting an Email from Google Workspace

Adding your Email to

Configuring DNS Settings for Email

Authenticating SPF, DKIM and DMARC

How to Create an Email Campaign

Create Emails within your Campaign

How to Schedule your Emails

How to Add a Tag

How to Setup Email Automation Rules

How to Automate your Thank you Email

How to Track your Leads

How to Create a Newsletter

How to Add Lead Magnets to your Campaign


Module 13: Sales Strategies & Content Creation

Introduction to Sales Strategies and Content Creation

Content Marketing Buckets

Choose your Content Medium

Content Identity

Different Buyer Types

Concise Messaging


Storytelling Framework

How to Attract the Right Audience

The Art of Closing the Deal for Any Business

How to Overcome Objections

Negotiation Tactics for Selling any Product

What Do You Really Sell?

Mindset on Views

How to Plan your Content Calendar

Mastering the Skill

Module 14: TikTok

Introduction to TikTok

Optimize your Profile

How to Edit your Playlists

Power of a Pinned Post

How to SEO your Content

How to Determine if your Content is Optimized

How to Use Hashtags

How to Create a TikTok

Module 15: Facebook

Facebook Introduction

Building your Personal Facebook Page

How to Make a Facebook Banner with Canva

How to Find your Target Audience on Facebook

How to Make Long Form Written Content

How to Make Short form Posts on Facebook

Building a Facebook Group

Building a Facebook Business Page

Specific Facebook Tips

Module 16: Instagram


What You’ll Learn

Introduction to Instagram

Creating your Account

Optimizing Your Bio

Instagram Basic Features

What To Do Before You Post

How to Create a Reel

Reel Tips and Trending Audio

Using SEO to Grow Your Business

Writing Captions and Using Hashtags

Marketing Strategies

Link in Bio Tips

Setting up Automations

Engagement Tips and Strategies

Great Hooks and Call to Actions

Content Tips and Reminders

Content Organization

Bulk Creating Content System

Bonus Tips Before I Go!

Module 17: YouTube

Introduction to Youtube

Channel Walkthrough

New Channel Customization

YouTube Studio Settings

Power Homepage Strategy

Create Your Ideal Person’s Homepage

Purpose of Each Kind of Content

Simple Recording Flow

Uploading a Video

Tips Before Recording

Power of Playlists

Discovering Content Ideas

Module 18: Pinterest

Welcome to Pinterest 101

What is Pinterest?

How to Set Up your Profile and Start Sharing Pins

How to Create Pinterest Pins

How to Post & Schedule Content on Pinterest

How to Check Analytics for Growth Opportunities and Trends

Module 19: LinkedIn

Welcome and Overview

Navigating the Platform

Building Your Profile

Creating Engaging Content

Growing Your Network

Nurturing Relationships


Third Party Tool

30 Day Challenge

Recap and Next Steps

Module 20: Blogging

Diving Into the Blogosphere

Content Strategy Development

Blogging Platform Analysis

Setting Up and Promoting your Blog

Keyword Research and SEO

Crafting and Optimizing Blog Posts

Blogging Outreach and Engagement

Effective Blogging Practices

Introduction to UberSuggest

Keyword Research with AI

UberSuggest Keyword Introduction

UberSuggest Keywords for Blogging

Write a Blog with UberSuggest

Module 21: Video Editing with CapCut

What is Capcut?

Interface Overview

Editing Basics – Part 1

Editing Basics – Part 2


Text on Screen



Additional Tools

Finalize and Export

Module 22: Affiliate Marketing

Introduction and What You Will Learn

What is Affiliate Marketing

Commission Types

Low Ticket vs. High Ticket

Step 1 – Pick a Niche

Step 2 – Pick a Product

Step 3 – Build a Funnel

What your Funnel Should Look Like

Using a Lead Magnet

Step 4 – Create an Email Autoresponder

Step 5 – Generate Traffic

Traditional vs. Organic Affiliate Marketing

Final Thoughts


Module 23: From Idea to Market Ready Product

Product vs. Service

Idea to Prototype Journey

Product Pricing Strategies

Beta Testing your Product

Feedback Implementation

Crafting your First Product

Step by Step Prototype

Module 24: Creatives with Canva

Introduction to Canva

Canva Homepage Navigation

Design Studio Navigation

Setting Up Your Brand Kit

Design Tips

Customizing a Canva Template (Lead Magnet)

Creating a Logo

Creating Social Media Templates

Downloading Files


Thank You

Module 25: How to Build a Written Digital Product

Introduction and Statistic

What you will Lear

Determine Your Topic

Searching for Profitable Product Ideas

How to Create a Standout Product

Determine your Product Type

Product Layout

How to Price your Digital Product

Creation Platforms – Canva

Creation Platforms – Gamma

How to Save your Product as a PDF

Selling Options

Legal Docs Needed

Final Thoughts

Module 26: How to Build a Video Based Digital Product

Introduction & What you will Learn

Pick your Course Topic

Ensure Your Topic is Profitable

Decide your Course Format

Outline your Learning Objectives

Setting up your Production Toolkit

Filming with Loom

Editing with Descript

Editing with Lightworks

Platforms to Host on –

Platforms to Host on – Stan Store

Platforms to Host on – Other Options

Pricing your Course

Pre-selling your Course

Market and Sell your Course

Bonus Tips

Module 27: How to Host your Course on Skool

What is Skool?

Features of Skool

How to Customize your Skool Community

How to Upload your Course

Final Thoughts

Module 28: How to Host your Course on Kajabi

Overview of Kajabi

What is Kajabi

System Settings

Creating Your Course

Creating the Offer

Customizing Your Course Page

Creating your Lead Magnet Funnel

Editing the Optin Page

Editing the Thank you Page

Editing the Emails

Creating an Email Sequence

Creating a Broadcast Email

What are Forms?

How to Create Forms

How to use Forms

Creating the Funnel

Editing the Pages

Editing the Email Campaign

Creating the Offer

What are Automations

How to Setup Automations

Contact Overview

Adding Tags and Campaigns

Interacting with Students

Course Wrap Up


Module 29: Organization and Importance of Customer Lifetime Value

Role of Customer Service

Customer Lifetime Value

Consistency and Organization

Boost Productivity in Business

Using Tools for Efficiency

Staying Motivated in Business

Module 30: The Downloads

Yes! Once you purchase this course you can resell it yourself for 100% profit. The course will teach you how to do that!

This course is hosted on the Skool. Once you purchase the course, you will be sent to the area to register and create a login for the course.

Yes! The modules are able to be downloaded. You can customize this course and upload it to your own platform if you choose. The video modules themselves are not able to be altered. For a full list of distribution rights please see:

Yes! You get access to the free community where you can connect with other Roadmap course takers to ask questions or read testimonials and connect with those who are currently on their digital marketing journey similar to your own. The free community is hosted inside the Kajabi Platform. There is a Spanish community as well!

You Get Full Support

free community

free trainings

zero monthly fees

Free Lifetime updates

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Resell Again and Again for 100% Profit

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You can choose to resell The Roadmap as your own product, or learn from the course on how to create and sell your own digital products. There’s even a module on how to create your own course!

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You can craft your offer how you’d like, including bundling any other digital products you create with this course! The possibilities are endless!


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Understanding Master Resell Rights

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Reels that Reach: Expanding your Impact
Content Prompt Playbook
Ultimate Social Media Master Planner
Understanding Master Resell Rights
How To Make Using Canva and ChatGPT
Insta Growth Playbook
Ultimate Social Media Master Planner
Faceless Instagram Reels​
4 Weeks Of Instagram Reel Hooks and Captions​
Stop the Scroll: 28 Days of Hooks and Caption Ideas
Earn Income With Faceless Digital Marketing
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100 Split Tests
Screencast University
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Canva Training Videos

This is a great addition to building your online business.
Quick training videos showing you around canva. Where you are going to learn how use this Free designing platform.

You are going to get 7 training videos teaching you how to use Canva.  

  • 7 Training Videos

Bonus Value Of ($47)

Bonus #2

Commission Blueprint 2.0

Commission Blueprint includes 20 Videos teaching you everything from finding the right product to promote to setting up your autoresponder. 

  • 20 Training Videos
  • Plus as a bonus you will also get the 9 advance Videos.
  • 20 Audio files so you can listen anywhere anytime.
  • 12 Traffic Generating Articles
  • 5 Email swipes included

Bonus Value Of ($97)

Bonus #3

Email Marketing 3 Easy

This step-by-step training guide will take you by the hand and teach you how to reach millions of scattered people* and convert them into prospective customers.

With its proper use, you can easily drive targeted traffic to your website and boost conversions and sales instantly.

You can use advanced email marketing strategies to see an increase in click and open rates and get them hooked to your brand forever.

  • 20 Training Videos
  • 20 Audio files so you can listen anywhere anytime.
  • Cheat sheet
  • Mind-map
  • Special report 
  • Ebook Training Guide

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Bonus #4

Facebook Live Authority

Discover How To Use Facebook LIVE To Attract More Customers, Build Your Brand And Make More Sales For Your Business.
In This Course, You’ll Find Out The Steps To Getting Started And Making The Most Out of Facebook Live

  • 10 training Videos 
  • 10 Audio files
  • Ebook Training Guide 
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Email swipes
  • 10 Traffic Generating 
  • Social Media swipe kit
  • 7 day autoresponder 

Bonus Value Of ($97)

Bonus #5

Podcasting Profit Secrets

Discover the step-by-step blueprint for launching your own podcast, building your brand and selling more products!

You want to start your own podcast, but you don’t know how and where to begin.

You’ve heard so many stories of podcasters earning tons of cold, hard cash.

  • 10 training Videos 
  • 10 Audio files
  • Ebook Training Guide 
  • Checklist 
  • Cheat Sheet
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  • Social Media Images

Bonus Value Of ($97)

Bonus #6

Complete Internet Marketing 2019-2020

A unique and completely updated … Training Guide full of examples and highly effective and very easy to apply Complete Internet Marketing techniques.

  • 20 training Videos 
  • 20 Audio files
  • Ebook Training Guide  
  • Mind-map
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Special Report

Bonus Value Of ($97)

Bonus #7

100 Split Tests

100 Split Tests is the result of performing over thousands of different split tests across all selling and advertising mediums online – and we’ve distilled it into one hundred tweaks and ‘hacks’ you can do to immediately boost your conversion rates!
  • 6 Training Videos
  • 6 Transcripts of the Videos

Bonus Value Of ($47)

Bonus #8

Screencast University

Having your very own video, whether it’s for a sales video or you’re creating a YouTube video for your channel, you are going to be needing to learn how to capture your screen to do so. This is a massive video course containing 23 videos that are going to be teaching you every step in the process of video screen capture to create that stunning video you desire.

  • 23 Training Videos

Bonus Value Of ($197)


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